1. What is RaceDAC...?

RaceDAC is a hi-quality (Made in Finland), affordable, and small electronic device which can be used for data acquisition in many kind of different places. It can acquire data from eight analog and two digital sensors.
The collected data can be formatted with multiple parameters before data is transmitted via bluetooth to the receiving device.
The receiving device can be any kind of device which has standard bluetooth and a software which receives the data. RaceDAC is not tied to any specific operation system or software.

Despite the name, RaceDAC, it can be used to collect data in any environment you like. You can think of it as a universal data acquisition module. It just needs 12V power supply and a device which receives the data via bluetooth. For example any mobile device, PC or laptop, with android/symbian/windows/unix/linux/mac os is just fine.

RaceDAC has eight analog inputs which can operate in 0-5V or 0-15V range. All channels are individually configurable. User can format the output reading with user parameters: offset, multiplier, divider. Or use lookup table to directly define the relationship between measured value and output reading.

RaceDAC has two digital inputs that are internally matched to 0-5 or 0-15V ranges. Both channels are individually configurable. User can format the output readings with user parameters: offset, multiplier, divider. Digital inputs can measure RPM, frequency, impulses or (hi-lo)statuses.

One big advantage with RaceDAC is that it was also designed to be compatible with RaceChrono.
RaceChrono is very popular and very versatile and vey accurate GPS-based lap timing (freeware!) software for mobile devices. User can use live view, and log lap times, speeds, g-forces, etc, etc.
And when RaceDAC is paired with RaceChrono, user can also log engine sensor and other sensor data which is then added to RaceChrono logs and graphs.

"Idea sounds great! But how do I proceed...?"
-Step two