RaceDAC is also very versatile device. It offers many different possibilities for you to view or log the data. It uses standard bluetooth connectivity and standard serial port protocol for data feed. Default RaceDAC output is in ASCII format, so you can use any compatible device or software to receive the data.

Or if you like, you can make your own version of the RaceDAC firmware.
If you simply want to see or log the raw values, you can use any terminal software to receive the data. RaceDAC uses serial port protocol. And always when RaceDAC is on, it feeds the data automatically to the receiving device.
Output data format explained in Full specs
And for example, you can use any spreadsheet application to view the datalog (it is in CSV format from their point of view) and make graphs from it.
RaceDAC firmware is fully modifiable. Source code is available for RaceDAC owners. You can use Microchip's MPLAB to edit the code.

Or you can make completely your own firmware and flash it to RaceDAC.

RaceDAC can be flashed via BlueTooth connection. Or you can use Microchip's PICkit3 to flash it.