RaceDAC specifications
RaceDac is a data acquisition module with wireless, Bluetooth compatible serial connection to PC, laptop, mobile device, or any other device with standard BlueTooth connectivity.
RaceChrono compatible
BlueTooth connectivity (mobilephone/PC/laptop/etc)
Power supply
Supply voltage12V ± 20% DC
Power modes
- On/Off-pushbuttonUser select
- Start-up inputWhen Start-up input has 12V signal, RaceDAC starts up and stays on
- AutomaticJumper select, always on when power supply available
Supply currentTypical current consumption 100mA without any external sensors
Standby currentLess than 1mA
Aux voltage output5V, max 100mA for external sensor power
Data acquisition inputs
Analog inputs8 channels
- Voltage range0-5V or 0-15V, dip-switch selection
- Sample rateConfigurable: 1,2,5,10,20,50 and 100 Hz
- Input modesNormal/ Lookup table 1/ Lookup table 2
Digital inputs2 channels
- Voltage range0-5V, input overvoltage protected to 15V
- RPM range0 - 3 000 000 RPM
- Frequency range0 - 60 000 Hz
- Input modesRPM measurement/ Frequency measurement/ Impulse counter/ Digital status input
InterfaceBluetooth SPP profile (Serial Port Protocol) compatible communication module Rayson BTM-182
Software configurations and updates via BT-connection
Radio frequency2.4 Ghz
SPP settings
- Baud rate115200
- Databits8
- Stopbit1
- ParityNo
- HandshakingNot used
Output data format (user selectable; RC1 or RC2)
- $ is message start character
- RC1 or RC2 is message identifier
- Time stamp is not used (empty)
- count is an overflowing line counter 0-65535
- xacc,yacc,zacc,xgyro,ygyro,zgyro fields are not used so far (empty)
- dx are digital channel fields, range 0-65535
- ax are analog channel fields, range 0-65535, negative values roll back to 65535 (-1)
- * is message separator character
- NMEA 0183 type checksum
- Each line is terminated with CR LF
Power supply and data acquisition inputs16 way, 3.5mm pitch screw terminals (tool 2.5 mm slot-head screwdriver)
- Wire cross section areaMax. 1.0 mm^2 (solid), 17AWG
- Wire outer diameterMax. 2.5 mm
In circuit programming and debug6 way, 2.54 mm pitch pins
Indicator leds
Bluetooth communication2 green leds
Software status1 yellow led
Power on1 red led
Enclosure91mm x 66mm x 28mm, modified from Hammond 1593LGY, material is ABS
Printed circuit board78mm x 56mm x 15mm
Weight85 g