3. The human factor

So you are a beginner, or novice, or intermediate driver, or anything else than a pro driver, and you think that you do not need all that data what RaceDAC can offer to you?
But why are you then asking hints and tips from more experienced drivers, or participate lessons or courses about the matter? Or find it useful when somebody is driving behind you and after session can give you some perspective to your own driving?

Yes, RaceDAC can not replace a true pro giving you golden tips. But it is also vice versa. Even a true pro can not see the things RaceDAC sees, and even bigger issue is that the pro can not remember that many things from your driving.
10Hz GPS data means that your position on the track is calculated and logged 10 times per second. And RaceDAC offers you even more if you want. Data can be measured; 1,2,5,10,20,50 and 100 times per second. But already 10Hz is enough for most of the things. You can compare it to a blink of an eye which is about 0.2 seconds, that's 5Hz. So double your eye blink rate and you get 10Hz.

Another issue is relativity; that is if pro says to you for example:"You should give a bit more throttle right after apex. Just a bit, not too much. In corners 7 and 8 it was ok."
So how much is that "a bit"? And how much throttle are you using already?
Well, as said, you know, it's just a little bit more, but not too much...
RaceDAC would show you your throttle opening is for example 70% in lazy corners, and 85% in those two good ones.
I.e. the point is; that two human beings sees, feels an tells the same thing in a different way. But cold numerical data does not lie, ever. And you get numerical data which tells you directly how much is "a bit more". And after next session, you can check again you data, and see how you succeeded.

Your own "feelings" can also be quite far away from reality. How far? Well, that's relative. But put RaceDAC on and see what is really happening.
For example: The easiest part of the track by Yours Truly:
You are exiting from the slowest corner of the track and you have the main straight ahead of you:
"Ok, full throttle, shift 2-3, full throttle, shift 3-4, full throttle, shift 4-5, full throttle. And then you reach your braking point at end of the main straight and start braking. Very easy, eh, and so goddamn nice to let the motor howl near max RPM!"
Hmmm, well... Okay, as you can guess, that was not what happened.

Let's see what RaceDAC says:
"Ok, throttle from 50% to 70%, then short-shifting way too early, throttle from 60% to 80%, again short-shifting, throttle from 80% to 100%(finally!!!), but then again short-sifting, and what's hilarious; throttle static 90% before brake mark."

So, also the easiest part of the track is easy to mess up. And if you have done it always, you will not even notice it. Most probably somebody else have to be the one to point out the real situation for you. And that "someone" can be RaceDAC. Because he is always watching you, and you can not hide, ever.

"But... How about the installation and configuration?"
-Step four