4. The hw & sw part

Initial hardware installation requires some basic skills. RaceDAC does not provide any plug and play wiring looms. But also, any special skills are not needed. You or your buddy must either read the wiring diagram of the vehicle, or use common multimeter, to figure out which wire delivers the analog or digital signal you want to measure with RaceDAC. When you have found the wire, peel a part of it, or cut it and peel the ends, and then solder a wire on to it, and connect it to RaceDAC. That's it.
If you or your buddy does not have skills or tools mentioned above, then for example any vehicle electrician can do the installation.

RaceDAC can be used "out of the box", without any configurations.Then you are for example able see from the graph, how much throttle you are using. But if you want to also the numerical value to be more useful, you can use user parameters and format the output reading as you like.

For example typical throttle sensor is standard 5V analog sensor. When throttle is closed, output signal is maybe somewhere between 0.5V and 1.5V. And between 4.0V and 5.0V when throttle is fully open.
So you must set two parameters, appropriate offset and multiplier, and then output value from RaceDAC is 0 when throttle is closed, and 100 when throttle is fully open. So it's up to you what kind of relationship you want have between the measured value and the final output value. And in this case, it only needed two parameters.

The main aspect in RaceDAC project has been versatility. That is why user must configure RaceDAC a bit. But the good thing is that you can connect any kind of 0-5V or 0-15V; analog or digital sensors; or "switches", to RaceDAC. For example brake light on-off-switch signal is also useful. You can see when you start and stop braking. And when combined with GPS g-force data, you can see how much you are braking. And if you "free rolling" before braking, and braking with engine after braking, etc. The point being that one individual on-off-signal may be less uselfull, but when combined with other data, it becomes very useful.

Ok, but you now you know what RaceDAC is, and what it does, and how it can improve you life, and give you more friends and gold and glory.
Buy RaceDAC, because you can afford it!

Price & Order

And if you have any kind of questions regarding RaceDAC, feel free to send email: racedac@racedac.com