Part locations marked with red square

Automatic start-up -jumper
Bluetooth link indicator led A
Bluetooth link indicator led B
Expansion card io-signals
Expansion card power
Firmware update -jumper
On/Off push-button
Power on -indicator led
Power on reset -jumper
Software debug connector
Software running -indicator led
UART pins (only available in custom sw)


Automatic start-up -jumper:

automatic-start-up-jumper ---

Bluetooth link indicator led A:

bluetooth-link-a ---

Bluetooth link indicator led B:

bluetooth-link-b ---


connectors ---


Note: Dip-switch housing can be blue or red. dip-switches ---

Expansion card io-signals:

expansion-card-io-signals ---

Expansion card power:

expansion-card-power ---

Firmware update -jumper:

firmware-update-jumper ---

On/Off push-button:

on-off-push-button ---

Power on -indicator led:

power-led ---

Power on reset -jumper:

power-on-reset ---

Software debug connector:

software-debug-connector ---

Software running -indicator led:

software-running ---

UART pins (only available in custom sw)