Viewing RaceDAC data with RaceChrono

You can install PC-version of RaceChrono to a PC or laptop, and copy data from your mobile phone, and view your data with PC or laptop.
Or you can export data from RaceChrono; and use other applications to explore and analyse data. See Data exporting for more info.

Go to "Lap times" list, select a lap and press "Open", and "Open", and "Options" Select "Graph settings", and "Data logger channels", and select which channels you would like to see on the graph.
And for example:You can hide the map by pressing button # on the phone, and stretch the view horisontally with joystick, to view the data more detailed.

dataviewing01 dataviewing02 dataviewing03

dataviewing04 dataviewing05 dataviewing06

dataviewing07 dataviewing08 dataviewing09