Data exporting from RaceChrono

Note: You can install RaceChrono for Windows computers to a PC or laptop, and simply copy data from your mobile phone, and view your data with PC or laptop. Or you can export data (either from phone or PC/laptop) from RaceChrono; and use other applications to explore and analyse data.

Go to "Lap times" list and press "Options", select "Export laps", and "Type"; "Spreadsheet (.csv)" or "VBox (.vbo)".
And select "Scope":
"Best lap", "Selected lap only", "All laps" or "Traveled route".
Then press "Start", and phone informs you when exporting is succesfull.
RaceChrono supports .csv and .vbo when exporting RaceDAC data.
If you choose some other format, RaceChrono will export only GPS data. You can use Performance Tools or Circuit Tools to analyse data which is in .vbo format.
Export file is located in your phone/memory card, in RaceChrono/Exports -folder. (You can choose default folder location in Mainmenu; "Settings" - "General settings" - "Storage selection" - "Phone memory" or "Memory card")

dataexporting01 dataexporting02 dataexporting03

dataexporting04 dataexporting05 dataexporting06

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