May/ June 2011
Testing final RaceDAC hardware unit for the first time in "customer environment".
And on race track!

June 2011
Testing concluded. Works just as designed. No bugs, no errors, no problems what so ever!

June/ July 2011
We started to take orders and deliver RaceDACs to customers.

December 2011
So far so good. There has not been a single software bug or hardware failure report/ complaint. And user testimonials has been positive.

January 2012
Customers had requested a couple of new features to the software. So a software uppgrade was developed and released. Also some usability improvements were included to the sw."

February 2012
Per customer requests:
VR-Adapter, brake pressure sensor and suspension sensor added to the assortment.

October 2013
Customer request:
A special version of RaceDAC including a 3-axis accelometer sensor.

January 2014
RaceDAC V2 available for all customers.
V2 vs V1; third digital input, and option for 3-axis accelometer sensor.

October 2016
RaceDAC is now also supported in SpeedFreq application.

November 2016
Per customer requests:
RPM-Pick-Up-Adapter added to the assortment.

November 2016
Per customer request:
Custom SW: Data communication via cable/ standard UART pins (to be used with Raspberry Pi)

2022 FAQ:
"Are you still in business?"
A: Yes we are!

Thats the story so far, to be continued...