Q: I assume the digital inputs can do RPM & wheel speed?

A: Yes, digital inputs can measure RPM & wheel speed.

Q: Is the data stored in the device or does it have to be sent via the Bluetooth connection to a pda or pc?

A: RaceDAC does not store data. Data is sent in real time via BT-connection (Serial Port Protocol) to any device connected to RaceDAC. So the receiving device must have a logging-software, for example RaceChrono. Or for example if you want to log raw data with Windows PC, then any terminal software is just fine. Windows XP itself has by default a simple SW called Hyper Terminal which can receive and log the data.

Q: Obviously this is a new product. What level of guarantee do you offer?

A: All devices are handmade in Finland. So they are not Chinese. They are manufactured, factory tested and factory calibrated, one by one. Because of usage environment, race cars etc, we can't give any time based guarantees.

Q: What is VR reference input?

A: VR- input is reserved for future use. So it is not used yet.

Q: Do you expect to be able to accept credit card or Paypal payment anytime soon?

A: Updated: Now also PayPal-payment is possible.

Q: How to connect to PC?

A: User guide gives all the needed information.

Q: How to connect to RaceChrono?

A: Check out the "RaceChrono"-section of the user guide.

Q: How to configure the various signals?

A: User guide gives all the needed information what can be done with RaceDAC.

Q: How to export the results of tests carried out?

A: UPDATE: Check out "Data Exporting"-guide. Or use for example Laptop with terminal software, or RaceChrono, to log the RaceDAC data to a log file.

Q: Consider you make other or future version with integrated GPS (5 or 10 Hz) or add gyroscopes and (or) accelerometers ?

A: UPDATE: Maybe with external expansion module...

Q: It would be nice to have the posibility to rename the input channels (in RaceChrono). And maybe a TPS channel with calibration 0-100% Throttle Position would make sense.

A: RaceDAC allows user to fully modify (multiply/divide/offset) the absolute values which comes out from RaceDAC.
For example:
TPS-sensor output is DC 1.02-4.62 V (at idle throttle opening to full throttle opening).
TPS-sensor connected to analogchannel1 input.
With default settings RaceDAC output is:
0-5 V -> 0-5000
1.02-4.62 V -> 1020-4620
User sets analogchannel1 user offset to (-)1020
1.02-4.62 V -> 0-3600
User sets analogchannel1 user divider to 36
1.02-4.62 V -> 0-100
Now user has analogchannel1 "TPS" output value "0-100" "%"